We met baby Maisy Paige today — what an adorable little bundle of joy she is! So alert and did I mention adorable! She is steadily gaining weight (almost 4 lbs) and holding her temperature, so she should be moved from her isolette to an open crib either today or tomorrow.

She definitely knows her mama’s voice already, too!

Another day, another birthday party.

This time the party was for Cole’s invisible friend John, who, according to Cole the last time I inquired, was actually the featured skeleton on the back of the latest Bones book.

(Since they opted for strawberry yogurt instead of Frosties this time I guess you could say they’re eating “light” in his honor.)

April and Craig were married at Pack Place in downtown Asheville. Pack Place is a collective of artistic endeavours — there’s a theatre, a children’s health/science place, and an art museum among other things. (We saw an Ansel Adams exhibit there a few years ago that was awesome!) So the first thing we saw when we walked inside were these beautiful butterflies, decorated by children, streaming in from the window.

We were able to spend a good portion of the day with April & Craig, which involved observing the setup for the reception. Here’s one of the table centerpieces.

After setting everything up, Mark headed out with Craig to a nearby hotel while I followed the girls back to their loft downtown.

A little pre-ceremony champagne…

Coincidentally, the boys were doing the very same thing!

We loved having the opportunity to take photos downtown! A bridal party must always stop traffic!

The ceremony took place in the courtyard beside Pack Place… so we were able to take a few gritty, urban sunset photos outside before it began.

With a rock and a stick…

Please note the floating feet…

We had brunch yesterday with the lovely Gabby & Mike, who were in town for a wedding this past weekend. As you can probably tell from the photo below, Harper had a good time with Gaaahby (who diligently picked up every single crayon Harper threw on the floor) and Mike (a name considerably easier to pronounce than Gabby, apparently!) When Harper woke up from her afternoon nap she said, “Gaahby be right back!”

So, so happy to know that Mike & Gabby are expecting their own little one at the beginning of next year!
Thank you so much for brunch, guys! Please come back to Asheville soon!
PS. I can’t believe I forgot to order some of those free-range eggs.

Obviously, if you know me well enough, you’ll realize that the title is tongue-in-cheek.

Do I always start out that way? Probably.
So. Today while taking Cole to school the weather report on the radio called for “overcast skies with periods of sunshine.” Not bad, I think. We drop off Cole, run errands, hit the dry cleaners where they know us by name (love that!), stop at home, start a new book, check email. get mail. blah. blah. While looking online I discover that we have once again missed the peak monarch migration in our area, which happened a mere 2 evenings ago up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

But why not just go up there to check, I think? There might be a few stragglers, after all, and overcast skies are usually good for taking photos. So I pack up Harper and ponder a picnic, which would be the good mom thing to do. Instead we swing by McDonalds, where they probably already could know us by name but thankfully don’t rub it in our faces, and the lady hands over our bags and says, with force, “you have a good day.” Not in a whimsical, la la la maybe you’ll have a good day, but more like in a drill sergeant way. “Yes, ma’am.”

We pick up Cole, who is immediately alerted to the fact that we’re not going home when I turn left at the stoplight rather than right. He’s excited about the possibility of seeing butterflies when I tell him that we’re taking a drive along the parkway, but really more excited about the toy in his happy meal.

I’m just going to blame this next little part on growing up a flatlander, but as you may or may not know, the thing about driving up a mountain is that you sometimes encounter different weather conditions than you would if you were in the valley. In our case, we quite literally drove into those overcast skies, in the form of heavy cloud cover. Which looks really pretty when you’re gazing up at the mountains but is rather dense and a little hard to drive in when one is actually up on the mountain without guardrails on either side.

But never fear, this is an adventure! We continue on, the kids, oblivious to any of my agitation as they snack on their food and watch Charlotte’s Web, and me, looking for mile markers to determine where we are, and which are VERY hard to see due to the fact that well, we pretty much can’t see. Honestly, though, I’m making is sound worse than it is.

See for yourself — go ahead, take a moment to enjoy the view.

What? You can’t see it? Well here, maybe if you look over the sign (that would be me holding the camera over the sign.)

Seriously, though, we did have fun! We discovered we’d been looking in the wrong spot for the monarchs all along, so we might actually see them next year when they come (I fear that if I ever do get to observe the migration it’ll be rather anticlimactic.) The location where 300+ were reported the other night is right along this trail…

And look! Acorns — you can’t find those at home.

I think Harper took me a little too seriously on the whole “look over” the overlook thing…

Awww, it’s love.

But only briefly before the screeching begins.

So yes, we did have fun. The kids got to run around and get dirty and I entertained myself by taking funny photos. But just guess what happened when we finally decided to turn around and head back down the mountain? Oh yes, the cloud cover was finally lifting. Ha ha ha, God. That’s funny. See? there’s a peek at our pretty view.

Oh, and for the record, we didn’t see any monarchs.