Grandma sent a bunch of costumes to Cole a few weeks ago and he’s been having a ball dressing up in all the things that Mommy, Aunt Kris, and Uncle Mark wore a looooong time ago.

Tonight, though, he’s sticking with his original choice for a costume, and I’ll share those photos tomorrow.

Or as Cole calls him, “Franken-einstein.”
He put this together on the floor yesterday while I was editing photos, then called me over to “take a picture, Mommy!”

(At least someone is putting my scrapbook supplies to good use! For the record, he used Maya Road chipboard letters and Autumn Leaves buttons.)

All I did was ask her to hold hands with her brother yesterday while they were walking through the woods. Guess how well that went…

…she got over it, though!

Some days you just don’t feel like having your picture taken.
Especially when some people think you should be naked…

But mom and dad can always make things better….

…and a cozy blanket seems to help, too.

Mark took these the other day and they make me happy.
Perhaps maybe our children look a little bit like me.
They have Mark’s eyelashes, though.
(You just have to lean in reallllly close to see that.)

What a beautiful city!
I was in Vancouver for Canada’s Crop for Kids, a fundraiser for Canada’s children’s hospitals which was actually going on simultaneously in 6 cities throughout the country this past weekend. Early estimates place the combined amount raised at around $200,000, and that’s in Canadian dollars (which, as was pointed out to me several times over the weekend, is worth more than the American dollar currently.) Nicole and Mary, who were in charge of the event, went out of their way to take care of me, and I really, really appreciate everything you did, ladies! I hope you’re both taking it easy today, though!!

I enjoyed teaching classes for Fiskars bright and early on Saturday morning to a great, fun, easy-going group of women. Fiskars donated all of the tools and leftover supplies from the classes to the Vancouver children’s hospital, which I thought was great! I also had the pleasure of meeting and working with Heather, who is wonderful and funny (and she wears a watch, so she was extra helpful!) SO bummed I didn’t get to say goodbye to you, Heather!

Along the way I learned what a loonie and a toonie are (I’m probably not spelling those right, but I did manage to spend all of mine.) I saw the stadium where the Canucks play as well as the site of the official 2010 Winter Olympics countdown. We also managed to throw in a little photo shoot for the lovely Carolyn and her husband, Rick. (Check out the second photo below to see just how willing Rick was to have his picture taken!)

Hey Rick — I think Carolyn might owe you a little for this photo shoot, eh? (See? I said that in Canadian.)

All in all, it was fun, though it felt like a whirlwind…and I have to say that I’m rather tired today. I returned home yesterday, and managed to catch the sunrise in Vancouver, the sunset in Cincinnati, and a crescent moon hanging over Asheville along the way. (Definitely small blessings during a very long trip.) Speaking of blessings, none of my 6 flights were delayed more than 10 minutes, so that was good! The only thing that was delayed, actually, was my luggage, which decided it’d rather stay in Atlanta for a bit and return home to me today.