Leslie’s bouquet was a mix of peonies, poppies, and ranunculuses – it smelled so good! I love the burst of color in the bridesmaids’ bouquets! Florals by Stacey from The Bloom Room.

Cake by Tiffany’s Baking Company


Leslie & Josh had a great day for their wedding this past Saturday – not too hot, not too cold, not too bright, just perfect!

Claxton Farm
Take note, future Claxton Farm brides — they’ve built a little house for you to get ready in instead of the tent they’d provided previously at the Farm! It has nice light, a view of the barn, cute window treatments, and two mirrors for all your preparation needs as you wait for the ceremony to begin…

Asheville wedding photography
Speaking of, here’s Leslie waiting for her signal…

Claxton Farm
…while Josh was off playing horseshoes. (Okay, not really…)

Asheville wedding photographer
In actuality, Leslie didn’t have to wait that long…can you guess who she’s looking at right now?

Claxton Farm in April
Love that sideways grin!

Claxton Farm in April
A beautiful day…

Asheville wedding photos
…with just a slight breeze.

A few tears…

Claxton Farm ceremony
…and heaps of happiness and laughter.

Claxton Farm
After the ceremony we wandered around the Farm for portraits.

Tuesday's Frog photography

Asheville wedding photography
Josh & Leslie were great at wandering, and twirling…

Tuesday's Frog wedding photography
…and were just SO happy to be together.

Claxton Farm
Love the sun setting on a blue sky day!

Note that the sign in the upper right-hand corner says “Do not feed the animals.”

Apparently because the animals are capable of feeding themselves…and there went Josh’s boutonniere.

first dance
The first dance…

Josh also happens to be a musician, and played a few songs with the band.

claxton farm I thought his shiny new ring was the perfect accent for the guitar.

cake smashing
The cake cutting started innocently enough…

cake smashing
…and you can probably guess what happened! (Don’t even look at us, Josh, you know you started it!)

Josh & Leslie had many younger guests in attendance at the wedding…it was fun watching them all in action.


Mmmm…good cupcakes.

Siblings, if you couldn’t tell!

wedding reception
A little spotlight flare as the evening wore down…

wedding reception
….last dances, hugs goodbye, a departure amidst bubbles & balloons…

wedding reception
….all in all, a perfect day.

I was so excited to meet Will!

At 11 days of age he is a very good sleeper…not to mention adorable!

I think I just might know what he’s dreaming about…the number 2 is very significant in Will’s young life, as his twin sisters just turned 2.

This is Brooke, giving him kisses.

And this is Anna, being sweet as well.

After all those kisses Will decided he just might have to wake up for a bit… I love those deep blue baby eyes!

Thank you so much, Ali, Stephen, Anna, Brooke, and Will, for allowing me to hang out with you and meet sweet baby Will!

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