We headed over to Rutherfordton last week (on the evening of our 9th anniversary, in fact) to celebrate the engagement of Stephanie & Justin in photos! What could be better than a photo date to document a couple happily in love?

We started at Justin’s family’s farm. A red barn, sunflowers, chickens and a sweet couple: it just couldn’t get any better!




sj7Oh wait – maybe it could! After the farm we headed to the airfield for some fun with the planes. In fact, Justin proposed to Stephanie while they were in the air just a few days prior to the photo session.

sj8I think they’re both pretty ecstatic that she said yes!


Have a great day, Rebecca & Kenton!

Oh, those eyes! That hair! That dress! And the tongue…that just makes me giggle.

on the runAs you might imagine with most 2-year-olds, we spent a good portion of the session on the run!

the big sisterBut she did take a breather to cuddle her little brother.
You’re such a great big sister, Gracie! Happy, happy 2nd birthday to you!

fairies1What kind of flowers/plants are these?

fairies2I have no idea but the colors & texture make me think of an enchanted little fairy forest…so I’ll just keep pretending that’s what it is.

grumpy fairy Speaking of fairies, here’s a grumpy one. She’s almost 4, you know. Age 3 has been good to us but the forecast for 4 seems rather stormy…

ratsnakeThis past weekend we went to an event for the Nature Center that was held at the Folk Art Center. (While driving on the Parkway to get there we spotted a black bear cub running into the woods!) The kids did such a good job holding this black rat snake. Don’t they look proud? Harper offered to let me hold it, too, but I quickly declined. Aunt Kris, who accompanied us to the Folk Art Center, mysteriously disappeared right as the snake appeared…

snakedrawing…here’s a little visual depiction of that occurrence by Cole.

Happy Anniversary, Paxton & Beth!