butterfly 1


b5…and then it saw me.











If only you could smell them, too…then this post would be perfect.

last day of schoolWe took a last-day-of-school photo to go along with the one we took on the first day of school.

blue door bakeryWe tried out a new bakery for breakfast treats…with mixed results. The kids didn’t really like it, but my lemon bar was good. Hush, Mark, that is a good breakfast.

hot air balloon…and we spotted a hot air balloon on the way to school. Cole thought that would be a pretty cool way to be delivered to school on the last day, but alas, we just took the car.
Summer, here we come!

GeorgiaGeorgia turned 16 years old last week and I was delighted to provide her with some “sweet 16″ birthday photos. Check out those eyes…

georgiaHappy, happy birthday, Georgia girl!

sweet 16Here’s to you, too, mom, for 16 years by Georgia’s side.

eyesMark & I had an actual date night at the Nature Center for their wildlife photography evening last weekend. The event occurred after normal business hours, and it turned out to be the most mild, pleasant night proceeding almost an entire week full of rain.

wolf2We started by photographing the animals in their natural environments, while they were romping around after enjoying their dinners.

raccoonCole loves raccoons so Mark took this one especially for him.

barn owlThen the staff brought out a few animals for us to photograph. This is Art.

art the barn owl

hawk2 Then we saw this red-tailed hawk. (This is his good side, apparently.)
Olive the otterThey were showing us the birds directly in front of the otter habitat, and Miss Olive was a bit miffed that the attention wasn’t on her. So she started to show us some tricks.
black rat snakeMark took this one. I didn’t really want to get too close to the snakes.

corn snakeBut this one was prettier (and smaller) and I thought my sister would love to have it framed in her house (ha! she hates snakes.)

cody the gray wolf
Cody the gray wolf

turtlenameless turtle

end of day And a pretty sunset on a very good day.