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Oh, it’s such a good thing to sleep…

…unencumbered by worries or cares, and able to stretch your feet out as you please. (It’s an amazing thing how much room there is outside the womb!)

Miss Ava was all of 15 days old when I hung out with her and her parents for a little while on Sunday afternoon…

…and as perfect as you please the whole time. I’m certain she’s grown already in both sweetness and stature!

This little sweetie is the bees’ knees. He was the perfect sleepy, schlumpy model.

And this beautiful girl – I can’t believe she is 2 now! It has been such a pleasure to photograph this family several times over the past few years…I met them for a maternity session shortly before Catherine was born…and now she is the big sister!

Perfectly happy in her natural environment. Favorite!

Just look at this wonderful family of four! You’re the best, “S” family!!
Thank you for allowing me to celebrate your newest arrival with you!

Have you read WNC Parent before? If not, you should check out this {free!} magazine- it’s a great resource for ideas of places to go and things to do with your kids. Also, I do think the back cover is pretty cute this month… You can find a copy of WNC Parent at your local library, preschool, school, or grocery store, along with a bunch of other locations in the area.

014I could stare at that sweet little face all day long…
024…so many different expressions…
034…and movements (contortions).
053There, there, all better. : )
063We headed outside for the second half of the session…nice, cozy, and humid…
073…like a jungle, in fact! (I knew that banana tree would come in handy at some point!)

083Life is better when you’re surrounded by friends.