This one said he was a rockstar

…and he had the moves to prove it!

This one was simply irresistible…

…even if he was more interested in sticks and leaves and eating mulch.

I hung out at the park with Charlie yesterday, and he gave me a run for my money! Everybody knows grass and leaves and birthday cake are much more interesting than a camera!

So he had to be conned into smiling – a little assistance from Daddy did the trick!

I love new walkers (and sweet curls!)

Loved these little dudes!
I shot them against a white backdrop, too, but thought you might enjoy some color for a change…

Such cute lashes & curls!

Love how little bro’s leaning against big brother for some protection in this one…

Wyatt showing off his knowledge of shapes (and framing his eyes oh-so-nicely!)

Happy Friday!

These sweet girls turn one tomorrow! I can hardly believe it!
You may remember them from their newborn shoot last year.

You know what else they’ll be celebrating tomorrow? One year of parenthood! I love how happy Ali looks here — she’s made it through an exhausting but oh-so-rewarding year with her girls and come out on top..

…and these girls definitely love their mama!

Congrats, Ali & Steven! Happy birthday sweet girls!

Yes, that blue.

Not just Gracie, but her cousins, too.

Add in those long lashes and you’ve got yourself a set of future heartbreakers!